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The Waterfall Diet by Linda Lazarides:
Well written and extremely informative book about the human body and how body chemistry can affect how one feels and how doctors can mistakenly misdiagnose symptoms.  The book is written in a fashion that the author does not talk down to you.

The Ruins of Gorlan - Book 1 of the Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan
Excellent  book for young readers as well as adults.  It is well written, strong story and character development that will pull you right into the world of the story.  The whole series is fun to read.

The Chronicles of Prydain - Book 1  The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander
Wonderful story about change, experiences, and adventure.  This book is the basis for Disney’s Black Cauldron film.

Words...    by S J Robinson
A collection of poems written about WWI from the mindset of the soldiers that fought in it.  Very meaningful for the modern day military personnel.

Dark Disciple  - by Christie Golden
A Star Wars novel using the The Clone Wars Series characters and story lines.  A heart wrenching tale with Asajj Ventress and Jedi Master Quillan Vos as the lead characters.  If you love the Clone Wars series, this is a must.

Trevor’s choice - A film called The Future of Food turned out to be a very surprising and enlightening piece of work that was on Hulu some years ago.

Harry & Larry’s choice - Idiocracy - a comedy that will leave you crying.  It’s supposed to be set in the future, but if you take a look seems more and more like the present. 

Roger’s Choice - Paint Your Wagon - best darn rowdy comedy that ever had singing in it.

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Read the Rittmeister's Blog - a different view of the world around us. - a history of the Order of the Pour le Merite  - website about the real mercenaries from the 1500’s Europe & some re-enactment photos - online classical music station - cool website for quick metric conversion - a website collection of past life memories  - link to Teutonic Knights’ website - fun historical aviation website - section of historical photos - really interesting - is a cool aviation website!!  I recommend it to any pilots or people who love interesting maps - is a great place to get world news an read articles that are well written. - a site for web designers and programmers to help them self educate themselves.

High Fructose Corn Syrup/HFCS also known as Corn Sugar is not natural and is mostly likely causing you to consume more food than what you really need.  It’s addictive like any drug and you develope cravings very shortly after consuming it.  When mixed with food products, one could easily mistaken the craving for food or a particular food product.  It’s in a lot of food products such as soda pop, bread, ketchup, cereal, ice cream, pancake syrup, canned fruit, fruit juices, salad dressings, jams and jellies, and countless other places where it should not be.  We’ve even found it in French Fries!!

Why?!?!  I have no idea, except for possible stupidity or corporate greed.  If you’re on a diet, check all your food for this substance because you won’t be able to fight off the urge to eat something with it in it.  It will be hard.  I know, I did it a couple of years ago.  Here are some other articles concerning the stuff that I found rather disturbing.

High Fructose Corn Syrup contains Mercury
Double Danger of High Fructose Corn Syrup
The Murky World of High Fructose Corn Syrup
Too Sweet to Eat - Dr. Weil
High Fructose Corn Syrup
High Fructose Corn Syrup: Not so sweet for the Planet
Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Killing you?
“Supersize Me” Mice research
People are always saying sugar is bad for you
Occupy Monsanto
Sugar can make you dumb
Dr. Gabe Mirkin on Health - Fructose is the worst Sugar

Partially Hydrogenated Oils(trans fats) is another dangerous culprit in making Americans fat, sick, miserable, and just plain unhealthy.  Here are some video links and some articles that are interesting and discuss the health problems of this chemical in your food.  One even explains that partially hydrogenated oil stays in your body for 51 DAYS!!!  While normal fat stays for 7 days.  I thought 7 days was way too long, but 51!!  Geez, no wonder we are look and feel horrible.  Let’s avoid this stuff and get feeling better and live life to it’s fullest.

Dangers of Trans fats
Hydrogenated Oil: Truth and Facts: Trans Fats, Content, Alternatives
Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Killer Fats)
Partially Hydrogenated oil - Q&A
Partially Hydrogenated oil - Mayo clinic
Partially Hydrogenated oil - trans fatty acids

Monosodium Glutamate also known as MSG has been something that I have been trying to avoid for several years since I am one of the people who tends to get headaches when having too much of it.  But it has also been linked to possible weight gain, and God  knows that we, Americans are certainly some of the most obese people on the planet, and well, we didn’t used to be.  So if you are on that quest for good health and can’t understand why things are not’s another thing you may wish to avoid.

The Surprising Ingredient Causing Weight Gain

Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Benzoate - I‘ve been informed by more than one European that these chemical additives are bad for us as well.  One or both of them are illegal in Europe because of the negative health affects of these items.  One of them actually causes you to retain salt or sodium in your body.  Okay, remember high sodium causes high blood pressure in some people, so they go on low sodium diets.  Most of these people are also put on medication for this problem.  Think about it, if the other unnecessary chemical wasn’t in the food making their body retain salt, they would NOT need to take medicine and perhaps not even go on a low sodium diet.  Makes you wonder who’s getting rich off of that one....  Also if you are trying to lose weight and you are one of those fat people with the puffy ankles and knees.... I’ve got news for you too - high sodium retention makes you look that way and also makes it hard for you to bend your joints and move around; hence, less likely to lose weight and regain your health.  Just more bullshit for someone else to gain wealth off of your misery.  Eliminate this stuff from your diet, it’s not easy, but it has helped me. :)

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Why do I published pdfs from other websites?  To be honest, websites come and go and good information gets lost.  The point is to educate and the more information that is available, the better one can come to their own conclusions.  Also, some of these researchers have websites with more information that may be beneficial.  I am not getting paid for any of the items that I share and if I discover them to be untrustworthy,  I remove them.

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