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Jagdgeschwader I

I have always been intrigued by WWI aviation.  The feeling that one gets flying in an open cockpit plane and the last remnants of chivalric code amongst fighting men.  The ground war was a bitter place of agony where no such feelings of knightly behavior could exist.  It was a miserable mudfest where soldiers on both sides suffered horribly day after day, and those that selected to join the air service, decided it was better to risk a shorter life in the air than a prolonged miserable one on the ground in the muddy filth.

This graphical story is my way of sharing my understanding of those times long ago when a man’s word meant so much and the world was starting its downward spiral into a devastating time of selfishness, greed, and a lust for power.  An entire generation was almost completely lost due to the casualties of the Great War and would lay the foundation for the war to come.  This story is told from Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen’s  (The Red Baron) point of view, which in the English speaking part of the world is seldom if ever told.  See “the Baron” from a fresh point of view that is a bit more realistic and less propaganda.

I hope you enjoy my salute to the valiant souls of a generation lost.

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Story & Line work by G. Winkler
Colorist work by J. Winkler
Pencil Colorwork by G. Winkler
Copyright 2009-2023

The permission for the usage of the some story concepts and data from Rittmeister.org has been obtained by this author for this project.

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