Observation Post 42

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My husband loves history, toys, and comics, and he was inspired to design his own comic strip set by viewing others who had posted their creations on websites.  When we first met, we had talked about creating our own historical comic book series, but never got around to all the work that would be involved in such a project.  I am a writer and fine artist and not sure that I could repeatedly draw the same characters over and over, and my husband is a commercial artist whose client’s needs were more along the lines of brochures and advertising.  He focused on the color work for his father who did comic style original line drawings used in his father’s graphic design business. Then the idea to use a camera to photo characters in scenes solved some of our technical problems. 

Then in the Spring of 2008, I lost my job due to the fact that the person “in charge” was having problems between the chair and the keyboard and the economy wasn’t helping either.  So I sent out hundreds of job applications for over 5 months with no results in a job market where there were few jobs that were in my professional field.  And like most Americans during this time, I was not able to find a job.  After six months every business within 50 miles and further away knew I needed a job.  Nothing came of my efforts to obtain a real job and avoid the at home scam jobs.   I am a very restless person who likes to keep busy, so instead of being unhappy about having financial difficulties, I decided to cut costs and find something positive to do at home while I continue to look around for professional possibilities. 

This is how I ended up with the Observation Post 42 Project, which has turned into a wonderful blossoming place of creativity.  I now have 3 graphical novel series.  The Order of the Red Cross has a great following and will possibly be a published work soon.  The Landsknechts Gone Wild! and Jagdgeschwader I series will also someday end up in print, but my primary focus at first will be to get Order of the Red Cross published.  These projects have blossomed into something really wonderful and I so very much enjoy working on them.  The characters have become like old friends to me.

This really shows that a bad situation can be turned into something really positive.

G. Winkler - May 25, 2011

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