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Sacramento, CA  - Wizard World Comic Con 2016

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My husband and I are playing original Star Wars characters that we developed.  This is the Lok Twins that are the children of a marooned Jedi Knight that marries a Kage female on Quarzite in the Star Wars Universe.

The Lok Twins - Star Wars
Wookiee masks w1000
Gungi and Reg Wookiee mask

Above - Prepared a new mask for Bill’s Gungi costume.  I was working on this until the night before we left for the event and unfortunately, the glue was so strong that he was unable to suit out.  I am no expert as making masks and the new one was very perplexing since we opted to give it a working jaw unlike the one in the foreground that does not have an opening jaw.

Sands Casino Comic Con 2016

Testing The Clone Wars: Kage Warrior gear for durability and placed second in costume contest  - despite the fact the event coordinators did not know what the character was and did not get the name correct.  Not sure the judges behind me were all that thrilled that an outsider showed up to their event.  When I found this picture, I surprised by the looks on the faces of the judges.  Staging photos for presentations is really an important aspect of any contest event and can make or break a participant's experience.  I was actually pleasantly surprised that I had been selected, but this photo leaves me somewhat uncomfortable.

Sands Comic con 2016 03
Sands Comic con 2016 07
Sands comic con 2016 01

Eldorado Casino Halloween Party 2016 - below

2016 Sith Lords Eldorado Party
2016 Darth Nihilus closeup 1000h

At another Halloween party - our four Sith Lords out on the town won third place at a rather rowdy Brew Brothers Casino tavern despite the crowd and the staff not agreeing who should win the prizes.  Drunks can be a difficult crowd!!  Staff liked us.  :)

Darth Nihilus 2016 12 B 1000h
2016 Rogue Opening party

Above - Private Rogue One Opening Night party that we were requested to appear at for some Star Wars fun!

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