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This section is a basic collection of a few good photos from the time period of 1994 to 2013.  My companions and I had basically retired from Re-enactment activities around 2003 due to the fact that we were tired of politics and wanted more meaningful projects to work on.  While in Las Vegas, we opened several movies as costumed performers, but once we moved to Washington the situation was different.  Working with professionals was the direction we desired.

The following photos were not taken by professional photographers and will start from the early 1994 to 2013.

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1997royal GW JW 1500s 02

During this time period we did historical presentations for the local schools in costume and brought items to discuss such as armor, weapons, clothing, and basic tools.  We did presentations on Renaissance Europe and World War I.  We explained the politics of the time and how that lead to various situations.

We also did a great deal of what we referred to as “Meet and Greet” work where we were in costume and would simply chat with guests and allow them to take pictures of themselves with us.  This was also the time period where we did the movie openings in Las Vegas.  There were two occasions where we had less than two weeks to be ready and had to develop brand new costumes for all three of us.  This was the situation for the Patriot and Gladiator.

GW 1700s 01
2002 anna 1700 countess
Gretchen G 004
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